Tuesday, March 08, 2005

where to start?

Well, here we are. Accepted into graduate journalism school in the beginning of March; one week later we've got a blog. Wealth, fame and respect are surely next. Hopefully without any military prostitution escort services along the way.

Anyway, a little bit about us:

-We currently work in publishing in our nation's capital
-We'll be attending Medill come September 2005
-We're starting this blog to record the trials and tribulations of being a journalism graduate student, specifically at Medill
-We really might have to go into gay military prostitution in order to finance our studies
-We've got a fondness for using the royal "We"

Hopefully, as the months go on, we can give insight into a) the world of preparing to move to Chicago (a place we've never actually, you know, been before) b) preparing to attend Medill c) thoughts on the world of journalism, especially new media and online publishing and d) whatever ass-hattery flickers across our feeble brains.

We hope you enjoy!