Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Oh yeah

Since blogging is all about narcissism, I figure I may as well toot my own horn for anybody reading this: I was named a McCormick Tribune Foundation Scholar, which grants me 1) full tuition for my Northwestern master's degree and 2) an insufferably large head. These scholarships are new this year; according to the foundation,
The McCormick Tribune Foundation and the Medill School of Journalism (Medill) at Northwestern University announced the first six students chosen for the McCormick Tribune Leadership Scholars program. These special scholarships are part of the foundation’s 50th anniversary celebration.

The McCormick Tribune Leadership scholarships continue a long tradition of support from the foundation for journalism-related programs at Northwestern, to which the foundation has awarded almost $32 million in the past 50 years.

The scholarships, which will be used for graduate students at Medill and at Kellogg School of Management (Kellogg), are designed to educate a new generation of leaders in the news media. Eighty one-year, full-tuition merit scholarships will be awarded over the next ten years; sixty are slated for Medill students and twenty for Kellogg students.... Scholars were chosen for their leadership potential and commitment to news media careers.

I was notified of this scholarship back in April sometime - somebody from Medill called me at 5:30 on a Friday when I was still at work, and I nearly fell out of my chair. Frankly, I didn't really believe it until I met with Rich Gordon, director of the Northwestern new media program, during a weekend in Chicago and he mentioned it. Even then I still am thinking of ways in which it is a mistake, and probably will be until I actually finish the year without having paid the school any money.

So, it's exciting and everything, but what's weird to me - I am the only new media student to have received the scholarship. Most of the recipients are press journalism. C'mon, Northwestern...If it's really going to be future leaders of the news media, shouldn't you have picked more new media types? Print is so over.