Thursday, August 04, 2005

Behold the power of money

Holy crap! Maybe I'm just naive in the ways of conferences, but looking into the upcoming event "We Media: Behold the Power of Us," to be held in October in New York, I am, how do you say, totally fucking aghast. For the low low price of SIX HUNDRED AND NINETY FIVE DOLLARS, you too can attend the conference, which will feature, among many others, Wonkette, Calacanis, Jeff Jarvis, Dan Gillmor - you know, the regulars - many people that I really do admire. And I would be totally interested in attending if I could carve out time from school - who doesn't want to participate in "Intimate conversations, creative collaborations and social networking events with those shaping the relationships, the technologies and the businesses of the We Mediascape"? But the price tag, and the fact that the conference is limited to 200 people, already ensures that this is going to be a totally exclusionary event, which seems, um, the complete opposite of what they're going for: "We Media brings together the trailblazers, leaders, movers and shakers of a movement that is connecting people everywhere."

You mean connecting the already well-connected people everywhere.

Say what you want about BlogHer, it was open to anybody and, at $94, completely affordable. But I guess We Media is going for a different experience.

UPDATE: As you can see from the comments below, Andrew Nachison and mcatapi from the Media Center were kind enough to leave their thoughts (gotta love feedster). Apparently there will be fellowships for both the '05 and '06 conferences. As soon as that information becomes available on their site, I will post it here.